Hallie and Jeff’s Lookout Mountain Wedding


Bride's wedding dress on display
Smiling Bride as she gets ready

Delighted groomsmen

Bride's wedding shoes

Groom prepares for his wedding day

Wedding Rings

Groom and his brother

Groom writing a love note

Groom and his groomsmen

Bride with her bouquet

Bride and her bridesmaid

Hallie and Jeff's first look

The whole wedding party


A portrait of the bride and groom.

Groom and his groomsmen

Detailed shot of a violin



Hallie smiling at Jeff

Bride and Groom holding hands


First kiss as husband and wife.

Family photo

vintage wedding photos of bride and groom's parents


portrait as husband and wife

First dance as husband and wife

First dance as husband and wife

Bride with her best girlfriends

cake with flower topper


Leaving the reception with a shower of bubbles