About Cameron

I remember the day that photography clicked in my mind and became more than just taking a photo. I was in a ferry crossing the San Francisco Bay with my family using a disposable point and shoot film camera. I remember the click in my ear as I advanced the film. I remember the anticipation as I waited to see how each photo would develop. As iconic as they are, my little camera didn’t do justice to the skyline unfolding ahead of me that day. And while the cameras have gotten bigger and the technology better, the passion has stayed the same. A camera is almost always with me, and I’m ready to capture life as it unfolds ahead of me much like the skyline that foggy day in San Francisco. I’ve been fortunate to shoot quite a few types of events, but nothing has compared to the joy of capturing an engagement and a wedding. It is one of the most important days in life filled with love and joy. Allow me to help you remember all of your moments. All of the love. All of the joy. It’s more than just recording how the day looked. It’s having your best friends join you on your day. It’s the beauty of a bride walking an aisle to find her groom. It’s the first dance as man and wife.  It’s life begun happily ever after.